Within the framework of the festival: «Celebrations of nature and people 2007
Organization: Municipality Rouvas, Iraklion of Crete.

The idea based on the highlighting the ruins of the Venetian settlement  Raftis that located southeast of Iraklion. The settlement remains uninhabited since the early 1960s, however, is almost intact over the years, serving as a link with the past.
The purpose of the festival «Celebrations of nature and people» was the emergence and preservation of cultural heritage of the settlement through a meeting of artists.





Interactive video Installation, 2004
Location: Aiolou & Stadiou str. Athens
Event : «ATHENS BY ART» within the framework of Olympic Games
Commissioner : Cultural Organization of Municipality of Athens in collaboration with the AICA Hellas (Hellenic Association of Art Critics)

Stella Bolonaki’s work bases its form and function entirely on technology capabilities and public participation. For this project, an interactive installation in a busy spot in Athens, it has set up an obvious camera connected to a machine that projected the enlarged and slow-motion images of passerby on the rear wall of a building.

Nonetheless, Bolonaki’s interactive project, a representative example of her discernible influence of this art form, is incorporeal in essence. It acquires its substance and operates only in direct connection with passersby, who with their unwilling participation become transmitters and shapes of the image and receptors.

Questioning our expectation of art as something long-lived and static, the face of Bolonaki’s work is in perpetual motion with ever-changing imaginary, entrusting its momentary composition to the chance appearances of passerby. Thus the dynamics of social activity evolve with the direct recording of the living reality of a city and the ongoing presence of its people.

Nelly Kyriazi (from the published catalogue: ΑΘΗΝΑ by ART, 2004)





Design consultant, 2004
Location: Gergeri , Municipality of Rouvas, Iraklio of Crete.
Architect : C. Romanos
Structural Engineering: STATON
Mechanical Engineering: STOHOS Engineering Solutions
Commissioner: Organization for the Development of Eastern Crete.

Under construction


The design of the open air theatre goes back to the models of similar monuments that have been preserved in our days. In order to optimize advantages of design, the usual cases involving adverse sound environments required the combined exploitation of the advantages of the location  and the limitation of the boundaries of the theatre space based on the model of Greco-roman theatre.

Thus the theater lies in a location that has been designated from Unesco as Cultural Heritage  and follows the terrain of the site. It is protected by a cluster of rocks which is responsible for its  great acoustics. The theater has 1,500 seats that connect visually the mountainous region with the southwest coast of Crete.





In-situ Installation, 2004. 

Proposal  for the Pilar Juncosa & Sothemys Arward.  

The installation uses 2.000 meters rope, with thick one cm . The rope is supported from the roof with metallic rings shaping a kind of walls that divide the room into paths with an opening ninety centimeters.
The project approaches the idea of dissimilarity of the space that created by the human need for a space both domestically and public. The work represents this duality by a path that puts the body within and the same time the same time outside throughout and by the transparent walls of the path constructed from the rope. The tied surface is the timeless human attempt to construct walls in order to arrogate spaces, areas, and countries.





Still images projection, 18-27 Sept. 2003
Within the frame of the 5th International Festival of Films and New Media,
Location: Vouliagmenis & Ilioupoleos av. Athens
Organizer: «e-phos» – Athens festival of film and new media, supported by the Ministry of Culture – Directorate of International Relations and the Greek National Tourist Organization, in collaboration with the Paralympic Games «Athens 2004.

Lookout suggested  an artistic intervention by the use of techniques friendly to the environment, the screenings, to make the citizens of Athens participate in the public affairs and become aware of the connection between private and public sphere, of the fact that the one is dependent on the other, as well as of the major contribution of art to this awareness.

The selection of the images was based on the innovation spirit of the pictures, their high technique level as well as their ability to transform the buildings. As for the buildings, the selection was based on their contemporary use, the symbolisms they carry within, their shape, size and location.



Interactivity 2

Third Prize in the Competition: «Kato Patisia Station Public Art Competition» Athens, 2003.
Commissioner: Electric Railway of Athens and Suburbs (ΗΣΑΠ)

 The project consisted of still and moving images that activate the passenger’s perception in the few minutes of their stay at the station. The work presents images of clouds and flocks of birds, 5.20×2.20 m in dimensions that converts into slow – motion video with the use of motion sensors that are stimulated from the movement of passengers.  The images snap back after passenger’s departure. The stimulated images accompanied by the sound of wind in low volume. The people allowed project  to play with a wider number of variables: the viewer’s perspective will change based on which direction they’re moving, how fast they are going, and which track the train is using. The goal, is the creation of a natural disruption into a daily routine.






In- situ video installations, 2003.
Proposal for the program:«Catch the Light: Routes through Athens»As part of the Cultural Olympiad Athens 2004.

 «Catch the Light: Routes through Athens» was a public space project for the Athens Olympics. Conceived, master planned, it featured a network of temporary architecture, urban identity and crowd events – outdoor interactive installations by artists & architect teams, a large scale photography exhibition on 40 major buildings and a walking guide to the historic center of Athens.
The project «City Windows» proposed a series of rear projections video on the windows of empty buildings. The projections would present moving figures of people living in the city different ages, classes and ethnicity.