Visual Artist.
Subjects: Art in Architecture, Art in Public Space.


Doctoral research thesis (completion). School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens. Thesis title: «Art in the public space and its impact on the experience of megalopolis»

MA Art in Architecture. School of Architecture, University of East London Dessertation title: «Less is more or less is less? For Minimalism »

Module in Urban Design. Department of Urban Design, University of Westminster, London.

Course in Public Art & Design. Chelsea College of Art & Design, London Institute.

Degree in painting. Athens University of Fine Arts.


Third prize in the contest «Art intervention at the Station
Kato Patissia» HSAP Ltd «Interactivity» site-specific interactive installation.

Praise in the contest «2004 Seeking Olympic Idea. Artistic interventions in various parts of Athens» Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Athens. «Web» site-specific interactive video-installation in Aeolu & Stadiou str.

Distinction in the contest «Artwork and Upgrade for Outpatients Foyer» Royal London Hospital, London.»Time slots» site spesific installation.


«Time Slots» site-specific lighting installation in SAF (Santorini Arts Factory) in Vlychada Santorini. Commission: SAF

«Lost in Words» site-specific video installation at the building entrance  No 7 Lempesis str, Acropolis. In the frame of «Lembessi art ’12, Art in the street from Gallery Technochoros.

«Like an angel» installation in the frame of public event «Throws of Art » along the beach of Rethymnon. Culture Office of Municipality of Rethymnon , Crete.

«Erotic thrill», site-specific installation in the city Gergeri Heraklio, Gete In the frame of «1st Mediterranean Symposiumunder the Environmental Art. Commission: Municipality of Rouvas Heraklion Crete.

2007: «Highlightings» site-specific lighting installations in the medieval village Raftis in Heraklion of Crete. In the frame of  «Celebrations of nature and people 2007» Commission: Municipality of Rouvas.

2004: «On Site» site-specific interactive video installation at the historical centre of Athens. In the frame of outdoor exhibition «Athens by Art» during the Olympic Games . Cultural Organization of Municipality of Athens, Aica Hellas Association of Art Critics.

2002: «En-topies» site-specific installations in the fortress of Koules  in Heraklion, Crete. In the context of solo exhibition.

2001: «Look out» image projection on building. Intersection of Vouliagmenis & Kallirrois str. In the frame of E-phos, Festival.


2010: Lighting intervention in lime kiln in the Municipality of Rouvas Heraklion Crete.
Commission: Construction Company DATER SA.

2007: Lighting design for the castle and the public buildings in Hora of Samothrace. Associate Electrical Engineer Kostas Pappas. Commission: Region of Macedonia and Thrace.

2004: Landscape Design in private home in Lake of Evia. Architect: Chris Romanos.

2004: Fellow artist at the project «Auditorium of the Municipality of Rouvas’ Architect: Chris Romanos Engineer: Stohos Engineering Solutions. Commission: Development Agency of East Crete Region.

2003: Fellow artist in the project «Rehabilitation of the rock Signor Haraki in Folk Artists Park» Municipality of Rouvas Heraklion. Architect: C.Romanos. Commission: Development Agency of East Crete Region.

2001: Redevelopment and art installation in Mai fountain in Gergeri of Municipality of Rouvas, Heraklion Crete. Commission: Development Agency of East Crete Region.


One woman show

2015 Lost in Words- screening x2. Booze Cooperativa, Athens
2007 Lost in Mass, Parko Eleutherias, Athens.
2002 En-topies, Fortress of Koules, Iraklion Crete.
1998 Potentiality, Thomas Kettle Gallery, London.
1997 Object & space, Heron Gallery, London.
1992 Recent Works,  Athens Cultural Centre.
1991 La Luna, Gallery Galaxy, Heraklion Crete.
1990 Painting, Cultural Centre of Athens.
1990 Mixed Techniques, Basilica of St. Mark, Heraklion Crete.


2015 «Removement» SAF (Santorini Factory of Arts),Santorini.
2013 «Myths, dreams and silence» Heraklion Museum of Visual Arts.
2013 «Ulay + Keti Haliori in a synergy Project» Gallery Technochoros, Athens.
2012 2nd Biennale Méditerrané d’Oran» Hall de la Mairie, Oran, Algeria.
2012 «Breathless» Sadika Art Gallery, Agios Nikolaos, Crete.
2010 «The ancient olive grove of Crete in the mists of time»
International Exhibition Center of Crete.
2009 «Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie»
Fort Lazaret \ De Ghar el Melh, Tunisia.
2008 «5th Biennale of Arts of Mediterranean City of Tunis»
ECUME (Echanges Culturelles en Méditerranée), Palais
Kheireddine,Tunis, Tunisia.
2007 «2nd Pixel Dance Art Festival» Camp Kodra, Thessaloniki.
2006 «Images of Art on the Screen: A Documentary on the Art of
the Balkan» International Congress Centre, Dresden, Germany.
2005 «Miaoulia 2005» Melina Mercouri Cultural Centre, Hydra.
2003 «Femme-Art- Mediterranee, Kelekian Art Gallery, Damascus,
2003 «Oikade» Rethymnon Contemporary Art Center.
2002 «Femme-Art-Mediterranee» Omer Sunar Gallery, Ankara, Turkey.
2002 «2004: Searching for the Olympic Idea» Athens Municipal Gallery
2001 «I need a Hero» Athens Municipality Freedom Park.


2011 «Faire connaître le patrimoine culturel et naturel de
Moldavie, Atelier Grundtvig Roumanie, Piatra Neamţ, Romania.
2010 «Femme Respectueuses» International résidence El Teatro,Tunis,Tunisia.
2009 «4th International Sculptur Symposium of Paliani» Iraklion Crete.
2008 «1st Mediterranean Symposium of Environmental Art»Municipality of Rouvas,                 Heraklion Crete.
2002 «3rd Interbalkan Symposium of Art» Samothrace.
1992 «International Cultural seminar» Bratislava, Slovakia.


2015: «THE INVISIBLES» group show :BaseGALLERY, BOOZE
Cooperativa, Athens.
2015: «NOTES OF ARTS» group show : BaseGALLERY / BOOZE
Cooperativa, Athens
2011: «ART Hellinikon» group show, Fencing Center, Athens old
airport Helliniko. Organization: Municipality of Argyroupolis.
2008: «1st Mediterranean Symposium of Environmental art, Gergeri.
Organization: Municipality Rouvas Heraklion Crete.
2005: «5th Interbalkanian Arts Symposium», Samothrace.
Organization: Greek Chamber of Arts, Ministry of Culture in
cooperation with the IAA / AIAP (International Association
of Art).
2002: «Month of Visual Arts» group show,Technopolis Gazi, Athens.
Organization: Greek Chamber of Arts.
2001: «38th Parallel on line» International art project.
Organization: Skironio Museum of Contemporary Art.
2000: «An empty shirt» performance. Larissa Conservatory.
Production: Art Group Noe.
1998: Production coordinator in «Greek Expressions – Expressions
of Culture from Greece in UK» Arts Theatre, London.
Organization: Greek Consulate of G.Britain.


2016: Seminar: Introduction in Public art. Art Act Area, Athens.
2015: Workshop: Mapping the Invisible – semiotic reading of
public art. Communication and Media, National University of
Athens, Italian Cultural Institute.
2014: Course in History of Art & Architecture, IEK Delta, Athens.
2010: Course: Critical Studies. HND (High National Diploma), IEK
2010: Course: Art in the Urban Environment. BA (Hons) in Fine
Art, Athens College of Fine Art & Design Borgias, in
Association with Bolton University.
2008: Course: Architecture and Art & Design BTEC Foundation
Diploma, Plakas Arts Center, Athens.
2002: Seminar: Art in public space. Greek Art Research Center, Athens.


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