In – situ lighting installation, 2015.
Location:  SAF (Santorini Arts Factory)

Time slot means an allocating of a period of time. «Time Slots» interprets the phenomena of space, time and their transformations through the rhythmic interpenetration of spectral colors of light. The installation works like an hourglass that counts the time and annihilate the static components of the industrial building. The installation hires the factory as a heritage item creating a living experience with tools of historical continuity and through its traces the rate of arrival and departure of memory.

The smokestack of the industrial complex stands as witness of the period in which tomato industry was the main activity of the island. The lighting installation Time Slots highlights the smokestack as a totem of the local industrial wealth, a reminder of the radical changes in economic, social and cultural structures of the island that signifies its transformation into a museum.


The installation is aligned with the structures of accent lighting. Thus, uses wash lighting, a spectral color cover which transforms the structural element in an immaterial entity, visible from quite a distance.

Lighting organizes a «theatrical» event, with the color of the light source to vary the scale C (Ciel) to M (Magenta) with intermediate stages of color change to take place every one minutes. The change from one color to another takes place as an hourglass which is filled and emptied with a color to get another. In this way, the installation creates a collective public event where the time period counted by the color of the structure. From the other hand, the octagonal base of the stack is illuminated with «frozen» white semicircular range with internal flow light beams.

small 2




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