Interactive video Installation, 2004
Location: Aiolou & Stadiou str. Athens
Event : «ATHENS BY ART» within the framework of Olympic Games
Commissioner : Cultural Organization of Municipality of Athens in collaboration with the AICA Hellas (Hellenic Association of Art Critics)

Stella Bolonaki’s work bases its form and function entirely on technology capabilities and public participation. For this project, an interactive installation in a busy spot in Athens, it has set up an obvious camera connected to a machine that projected the enlarged and slow-motion images of passerby on the rear wall of a building.

Nonetheless, Bolonaki’s interactive project, a representative example of her discernible influence of this art form, is incorporeal in essence. It acquires its substance and operates only in direct connection with passersby, who with their unwilling participation become transmitters and shapes of the image and receptors.

Questioning our expectation of art as something long-lived and static, the face of Bolonaki’s work is in perpetual motion with ever-changing imaginary, entrusting its momentary composition to the chance appearances of passerby. Thus the dynamics of social activity evolve with the direct recording of the living reality of a city and the ongoing presence of its people.

Nelly Kyriazi (from the published catalogue: ΑΘΗΝΑ by ART, 2004)




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