Still images projection, 18-27 Sept. 2003
Within the frame of the 5th International Festival of Films and New Media,
Location: Vouliagmenis & Ilioupoleos av. Athens
Organizer: «e-phos» – Athens festival of film and new media, supported by the Ministry of Culture – Directorate of International Relations and the Greek National Tourist Organization, in collaboration with the Paralympic Games «Athens 2004.

Lookout suggested  an artistic intervention by the use of techniques friendly to the environment, the screenings, to make the citizens of Athens participate in the public affairs and become aware of the connection between private and public sphere, of the fact that the one is dependent on the other, as well as of the major contribution of art to this awareness.

The selection of the images was based on the innovation spirit of the pictures, their high technique level as well as their ability to transform the buildings. As for the buildings, the selection was based on their contemporary use, the symbolisms they carry within, their shape, size and location.



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