In-situ installation, 2002. 
Honors in the competition: 2004 In search of Olympic Idea.  Artistic interventions in various spots of Athens»
Location: Historical center of Athens.
Commission: Municipality of Athens, Cultural organization.

«Web» based on the idea of the web which transforms in a corrugated flexible metal structure that leaves clear space covering. The installation is composed as a carefully woven aluminum surface that hovers, seemingly without gravity, joining the uncovered faces of two high-rise buildings on the corner of Aiolou and Stadiou str.
The installation will also serves as a screen projection showing an urban film in which star the citizens of Athens that weave in real time the life of Athens. In technical level, the installation is accompanied with (apparent) camera that connects with an outdoor projector highlighting the metal structure with the  daily ritual and spontaneous improvisations of passersby. Thus the urban life magnified and trapped within the urban fabric.





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