Interactivity 2

Third Prize in the Competition: «Kato Patisia Station Public Art Competition» Athens, 2003.
Commissioner: Electric Railway of Athens and Suburbs (ΗΣΑΠ)

 The project consisted of still and moving images that activate the passenger’s perception in the few minutes of their stay at the station. The work presents images of clouds and flocks of birds, 5.20×2.20 m in dimensions that converts into slow – motion video with the use of motion sensors that are stimulated from the movement of passengers.  The images snap back after passenger’s departure. The stimulated images accompanied by the sound of wind in low volume. The people allowed project  to play with a wider number of variables: the viewer’s perspective will change based on which direction they’re moving, how fast they are going, and which track the train is using. The goal, is the creation of a natural disruption into a daily routine.





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